Getting Started Basics for Wire Harness Engineers
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Getting Started Basics for Wire Harness Engineers

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Getting Started Basics for Wire Harness Engineers

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Whether it is traditional consumer electronics, household appliances, or emerging new energy vehicles, folding screen mobile phones, 5G or the Internet of Things, what we hope to achieve is the connection between devices and devices, the connection between devices and people, and people and data. All of this is inseparable from the wiring harness. With the rapid development of 5G, new energy vehicles, and smart terminal interconnection, the wiring harness and connector industries are facing new challenges. At the same time, how to improve the wiring harness manufacturing process to deal with the new Market demand is also an urgent problem in the industry.


At present, China's huge wire harness market demand has attracted the attention of foreign businessmen. Foreign-funded companies have moved from watching the fire from the side to the strong entry. As foreign wire harness companies enter the Chinese wire harness industry one after another, it will undoubtedly intensify the fierce competition in the domestic wire harness industry. The domestic wire harness industry started late. , In terms of management concepts and technical standards, there are many gaps between well-known foreign wiring harness brands. Therefore, domestic wiring harness companies need to make necessary rectifications under the status quo of "dancing with wolves". At present, domestic wiring harnesses There are tens of thousands of manufacturers, all of which lack clear guiding ideology and excellent technical standards. In order to occupy market share, they often adopt low-cost marketing methods to reduce production costs. Some wire harness manufacturers are in order to ensure sufficient wire harness production costs. Low, or even wantonly use of low-quality and low-priced raw materials, resulting in a decline in the quality of wire harness products. Undoubtedly, China’s journey from a big wire harness country to a wire harness power country is full of thorns. However, those in the wire harness industry hope that the national wire harness industry will unite and make every effort. , Create your own brand, and compete with foreign wire harness companies. So, the domestic wire harness industry must first correct the bad trend of "low-price competition", position the subject of competition on the excellent cost performance of wire harness products, and introduce high-quality Cable equipment to maintain the stability of the process to ensure the reliability of the terminal!

Wire harness is one of the fastest growing products in the electronic and information age industry, the most demanded by the market, and one of the most convenient products to install, ranging from popular household appliances to communication equipment, computers and external equipment, as well as security, solar energy, airplanes, and automobiles. Wire harnesses are widely used in military instruments and equipment. At present, the wire harnesses we are in contact with are made up of various wires. According to different circuit numbers, hole numbers, position numbers and electrical principle requirements, different types and performance terminals are plugged in. The classification of the wiring harness assembly composed of components, external protection and nearby system connections is roughly as follows:

Railway locomotive wiring harness, automobile wiring harness, wind power connection wiring harness, medical wiring harness, communication wiring harness, home wiring harness, industrial control wiring harness, etc.; wiring harnesses are all kinds of complete equipment, instrumentation, and basic equipment that is indispensable for signal and power transmission. The basic products necessary for the future electrification and information society, the following are common wiring harness products, how many have you seen?

Xiaobian takes you to explore the world of wiring harnesses

Automobile WireHarness

Automobile wiring harness is the main body of automobile circuit network, also known as low voltage cable. Conventional automobile wiring harness products have the characteristics of heat resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, etc.; at the same time, it is flexible, used for automobile internal connection, and can adapt to high mechanical strength and high temperature environment. In addition, with the development of intelligence, a car is no longer a row of sofas on top of an engine. A car is not only a means of transportation, but also a complex computer, which has the functions of office and entertainment to connect everything. , Automotive wiring harnesses require higher electrical performance and quantity requirements for wires. The quality must meet the zero-defect requirements of TS16949, and the effective quality guarantee period of 10 years must be maintained. With the popularization of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles are in the near future. Demand has skyrocketed, and its requirements for suppliers are manufacturers that must be able to provide a complete set of cable design and development solutions. Therefore, if you are ready to step into this industry, new entrepreneurs must understand the threshold and requirements of automotive wiring harnesses.

Medical Wire Harness

As the name implies, medical wiring harnesses are used in medical equipment and medical equipment matching wiring harness products. The wires are all high-quality wires that have passed UL, VDE, CCC, JIS and other certification standards. The commonly used wire-to-board connectors for medical connectors, D-SUB connectors, header headers, aviation plugs, etc., the connector brands used are generally TYCO (Tyco connector), MOLEX and other international brands, and the system certification is generally based on 13485 medical certification. Most Materials also need to have sterilization requirements, so if new entrepreneurs preparing to enter this industry must understand the thresholds and requirements of medical wiring harnesses, the research institution BCC Research pointed out that the annual growth rate of the global home medical equipment market continues to increase. Electronics will become a new growth point for connector applications.

Industrial Wire Harness (Industrial WireHarness)

Mainly refers to some electronic wires, multi-core wires, flat wires, etc. equipped with components in the cabinet, which are mostly used in industrial UPS, PLC, CP, inverter, monitoring, air conditioning, wind energy and other cabinets. At present, the wiring harness with the largest number of employees One, there are many subdivided products (sensor & industrial control system; network communication, temperature control and air conditioning, air conditioning system, LED and lighting, rail transit, ship and ocean engineering, renewable new energy, measuring and testing equipment, packaging and Logistics transmission), which covers the most types, does not have too many requirements for certification and scale, but requires entrepreneurs to understand the attributes of this industry, mostly a small amount of variety, and there is more demand for branded materials. There are so many choices in the supply chain, especially the choice of connectors, there are so many brands and types in demand.

Robot WireHarness

The cables used by industrial robots require different characteristics due to different parts of use. What types of wires and cables are used by industrial robots? Wires and cables for robots are generally divided into cables for signal circuits and cables for power circuits.

A: There are two types of signal circuit and power circuit, which are mainly used for super-flexible cables or spring cables that are subject to extreme bending and torsion, such as rotating parts or wrist parts.

B: It is also divided into signal circuit and power circuit. It is mainly used for bending resistant cables in parts with less frequency and milder conditions than A, such as general joint parts.

C: It is a signal circuit, which is mainly used to guide the wire of the box. Because it needs to be operated and used, it needs a flexible cable.

D: There are two types of signal circuits and power circuits, which are mainly used for connecting cables between robots and control devices. The method of use is divided into fixed wiring and mobile wiring.

E: Divided into signal circuit and power circuit, it is mainly used for wires and cables for fixed wiring inside machines such as control devices.

Banking equipment wire harness (lndustrial WireHarness)

Banking equipment wiring harnesses can generally be used for banking equipment, including: window intercom, queuing machine, LED display, interest rate screen, ID card identification instrument, etc., window charging system, bank intercom, check identification instrument, automatic teller machine (ATM), automatic For deposit machines, revolving automated teller machines (CRS), self-checking machines, self-service payment machines, etc., wiring harness terminals generally use TYCO connectors/AMP connectors (Tyco connectors), etc. Under Trump’s New Deal, the localization of connectors has accelerated ! However, with the popularity of the cashless society, some banking equipment will gradually shrink.

Communication data/security wire harness (lndustrial WireHarness)

There are many types of security system wiring harnesses, such as closed-circuit monitoring, anti-theft alarm, access control and attendance card, network engineering, parking lot management, smart home. Smart office, video intercom, conference system, smart audio and video. With the future 5G network connection The upgrading of some products will usher in a climax. Due to the sharp increase in product demand and the status of the existing volume, the unit price is basically the same as that of consumer products, mainly due to the difference in the price of the application of electronic products, so if New entrepreneurs who are ready to step into this industry must understand the size of their needs and the funding status.

UPS series industrial control wiring harness

Connecting wire harnesses are mainly used in electronic and electrical products. Most industries need to use wiring harnesses. The largest market segment is telecommunications, followed by automotive and instrumentation industrial automation equipment, and the third largest market is medical, aviation, railway, transportation, etc.; this type of wiring harness is mainly used in AC uninterruptible power supply system, such as UPS and power distribution, etc.

Control wiring harness for computer room thermal management system

Brief introduction of other wiring harnesses

Wind power connection cables: The products are mainly used for the connection of frequency conversion systems and the connection of control systems in the cabinet.

Railway locomotive wiring harness:

The products are mainly used in power system connection (including the input and output of two-phase and three-phase power supply), communication system connection, (including the door control of new railway passenger cars, closed-circuit television, communication and telecommunications signal connection) control system Connection (connection to the control system of the railway electrical part) and connection of the internal electrical system

Home wiring harness:

The product is mainly used in the control of the signal, electricity and power transmission inside the home appliance,

Examples: air conditioner power wiring harness, parallel wiring harness, drinking fountain wiring harness, computer internal power cord, signal cable, TV wiring harness, DVD power supply, etc.

Of course, the wiring harness will certainly not be as small as the few types sorted out by the editor. Generally speaking, the current learning ability of the wiring harness industry in my country is very strong, but the independent innovation ability is slightly insufficient. Most of the wiring harness manufacturers have poor independent design and development capabilities. Most of the above are stuck at the low level of introduction and imitation. The biggest problem should be that there is no core technology, basic technology is plagiarized, and vicious competition is relatively high. In summary, the high-end will not, and the low-end competitors will kill themselves by competing. The design technology of wire harness processing and equipment has not been fully mastered, and the development mechanism of the organic combination of products, materials, processes and equipment has not been formed. With the gradual growth of the wire harness market in the future, the market will usher in a turning point!

In recent years, the rapid development of the electric vehicle manufacturing industry and the popularization of the 5G communication market, including the continued development of household appliances in rural areas, have given the wiring harness market a good development opportunity. This kind of network hotspots are all supporting points. Nowadays, the development of the happy market of China's wire harness market prospects, because the development of many fields must use wire harnesses, so the market demand for such products is continuously rising, which is conducive to promoting the development of wire harness production equipment. With regard to products such as wire harnesses, the market has increasingly regulated their quality and productivity. Some traditional manufacturers have long been unable to integrate into the development of this period. At present, the automation technology, precision and efficient operation of the wire harness industry are continuously developing. In the future development, the production and processing industry chain of the harness may independently innovate , And its manufacturers will carry out the basic construction of an independent entire industrial chain, and the upgrading of the relevant industrial chain will produce stronger and higher-quality products for a large number of customers. If you want to know more about the application of automation equipment in automation, and save time and effort to replace labor.

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